18 Dec 2017

CS Leaders Scholar Strikes Again!

Annisa Nurul Azhar and her team from Institut Teknologi Bandung ITB) have just won the 2nd place at Android Hackathon 2017. The event was held by Google Developers on 6-7 September 2017. Annisa and her team made an Android-based app named Verti-Go!. The idea behind this app is from their friend, whose parent is suffering from vertigo.

Based on that problem, they made the app so it can help other people who might be suffering vertigo as well. Annisa contributed for her team by becoming a front end app developer. In simple words, she was the one who made the graphical user interface of the app and handled some logic in order to connect the back end and front end of the app.

She chose this position in her team as she excels in Java and familiar with android app development from her past internship experience. In the end, we want to congratulate Annisa for her accomplishment. We are sure that you will be an impactful person through your action. Keep it up!

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